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  • 950 Tharp Road, Bldg 100, Suite 101 - Yuba City, CA 95993
  • 530-674-1150

Provide Opportunity With Purpose

We are each part of something bigger than ourselves and we want to help change lives—in our offices, our families and our communities. We work hard and expect our efforts to reach beyond improving our own situations. While we appreciate (even relish!) individual opportunity, we want to make a difference in the lives of others. Much of what we do revolves around money, but the essence of who we are goes far beyond finances.

In our office we encourage employees to grow in their jobs and we provide paths for upward mobility whenever possible. As a company, we seek new clients, innovative partnerships and continual progress. Within our communities, Shaw & Associates is a company that gives back through volunteering and philanthropy.

Living an abundant life is true wealth, which comes from balance among our assets—financial ones as well as relationships, experiences, and contributions. We can celebrate true wealth by cultivating, appreciating and caring for all our assets.

We live and work deliberately and are committed to more than ourselves. We measure our success by the successes of those we serve—internally and externally.